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Conference town

Vác is a small historic town located on the left bank of the Danube, 30 km north of Budapest (about Vác: Tripadvisor, Visitorpage). For its intact main square and surrounding small streets it is regarded a baroque treasury box. With its promenade, water sports and ferry to Szentendrei Island it is strongly connected the Danube. It is also the gate for the famous Danube Bend, where the river takes a 180° turn to break through between the Pilis and Börzsöny Mountains. Vác is also a religious centre, seat for one of the catholic archbishops of Hungary. Watch our teaser video compilation about the Danube Bend and Vác.

The Venue

The congress venue is the Apor Vilmos Catholic College, a teacher training college, located centrally in the old town. Registration, scientific programs, coffee breaks, meals, on-venue dorm are all in the main building of the College. An inner courtyard with platan trees is available as relaxation area and will be used for social events.

Address: Konstantin Sqr. 1-5, Vác, H-2600
Scientific sessions: Pope John Paul II Hall
Registration, social area, coffee breaks: Apor Vilmos Hall
Poster session: Sports Hall (Gym)
Off-venue dorm:  Honvéd Str. 13., Vác, H-2600
Congress dinner: Rubra Art Lounge, Dr. Csányi László Körút 52.  Vác, H-2600

Arrival and travel information

First arrive either to your accommodation or to the registration at the College. Registration will be open from 15:00 Sunday and from 8:00 Monday. Dorm accommodation can be occupied from 15:00 Sunday. Welcome party starts at 17:00 Sunday.

Navigation. For those with smart phone we suggest the use of map and navigation applications. Waze is excellent for drivers, Google Maps is useful for any transportation mode, including walking and public transport (with up-to-date timetables). For those without mobile data the HERE WeGo application is a good alternative (Android and iOS), which also contains public transport info.

From Budapest to Vác we suggest to take a train from the station “Nyugati pályaudvar” or “Nyugati pu.” Trains leave from outside platforms (No. 1-7), if you enter the main hall, then they will be on your left, further away (https://www.seat61.com/stations/budapest-nyugati.htm). Take the next train with destination of Vác or Szob (S70 and Z70). Avoid international trains or “Veresegyház-Vác” trains. Trains leave at least every 30 minutes (www.elvira.hu ). Tickets can be bought from machines in the main hall or at the head of the outside platforms, which take cards or Forint notes; English can be chosen as menu language.

Arrival by air. From Budapest Airport get a taxi to “Nyugati pályaudvar” train station (see above). The airport is served by “Főtaxi” (cabs are yellow in Budapest); first go to their kiosk found just outside when you leave the main airport building, they will put you in the cab queue, which advances rapidly. Pay your cab with card as the simplest option, you can also ask for a bill. Cost to Nyugati Station will be c. 22-25 EUR. Alternatively you can use public transportation. There are many options, do your own planning (Google Maps), buy tickets in the BKK kiosk/information point at the Airport, cards are accepted, they have to be stamped in the bus, in the tram or before entering the tube/metro (https://bkk.hu/en/tickets-and-passes/prices/ )

Arrival by train. If you arrive to Budapest, then guide yourself to Nyugati pu. station by public transport or taxi (see above). Some international trains may stop in Vác, check out this possibility when you choose a train.

Arrival by car. Use navigation as the best option. Do not forget to buy highway vignette (virtual, your registration number has to be given) right after crossing the border or on-line beforehand (https://www.hungary-vignette.eu/ ) Beware that the M2 highway from Budapest to Vác is under construction, 60 km/h speed restriction all-way long, but manageable. You can choose the old Route 2. When driving in Hungary beware of speed traps and radar-hunting police. Paying parking is not marked by coloured markings, safest if you ask. Parking tickets are issued from coin operated machines.

Getting around in Vác. From the railway station (especially with luggage) taking a taxi is the best option. Taxis take you within town between any two places for 1000 Forints (less than 3 EUR). In the town most places are reached the easiest on foot (see map above). The biggest Vác taxi company accepts cards, but according to our enquiry all accept Euro besides Forints (best if you ask beforehand).

Parking in Vác. If you are by car, parking zones and restrictions must be observed (see parking zone map). Do not park in opposite direction (in a  two-way street on the left side), you can get a ticket or wheel clamp for it. Parking tickets can be bought from coin operated machines. Parking is free on week-ends (form Saturday 12:00 till Monday 8:00). There are free parking areas quite close to the venue and the city centre. If you stay in private accommodation ask your host about parking options. For a limited number of cars, if it is not to be used on a daily basis, we can offer closed parking space in the St. Joseph Student Hall (off-venue dorm). Contact the organizers to secure this option for your car.

Food and drinks guide

A map of suggested food, coffee places and pubs. You can also download the list as a PDF.


July weather in Hungary is usually hot and dry. Average daily highs are officially 26-27 °C, but do not be fooled by average figures, this can go up to anything in the 30’s. Unless it is an extreme hot period, it cools down at night to 16-18 °C. On the other hand there is no insurance against a cold or rainy spell, although it is not very likely. Evening thunderstorms might occur, so have at least a minimal rain gear, but more important that you think of sun protection and hydration and be prepared for a swimming opportunity.