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Scientific programme matters: science.eca2018@gmail.com

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Hungarian arachnologists, a well forged community of professionals and amateurs, organise the event in co-operation with the following institutions and societies: the Hungarian Ecological Society and the Centre for Agricultural Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences  are the official organisers of the congress.

Co-organising partners:

Apor Vilmos Catholic College

European Society of Arachnologists

Organising Committee

Ferenc Samu – chair
Csaba Szinetár – co-chair
György Dudás
Róbert Gallé
László Mezőfi
Zsolt Szabó
Éva Szita
Tamás Szűts
Natalija Vukaljovic

Scientific Committee

Ferenc Samu co-ordinator
Tamás Szűts co-ordinator
Dimitar Dimitrov
Marco Isaia
Simona Kralj Fišer
Wolfgang Nentwig
Stano Pekar
Gabriele Uhl

Supporting Committee

Zsuzsa Libor, AVKF rector – chair
Ervin Balázs, director MTA ATK
Zoltán Botta-Dukát, president MÖTE
András Füri, director DINP
Jenő Kontschán, director PPI, MTA ATK
Yuri Marusik, director Russian Party


Media partners