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1st Circular

Dear Colleagues,

In the hope that you have already heard of, we are excited to announce the 31st European Congress of Arachnology in a “circular way”. The 31st ECA is going to be held in

Vác, Hungary , between 8-13 July, 2018.

The Organizing Committee  warmly awaits arachnologist from all over Europe, and in fact from all over the World to this event.

The pre-registration is already open on the Congress homepage: www.eca2018.hu, and you can also follow events about the organization and the congress at our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ECA2018Hungary/ . If you consider coming, please register your interest and feel free to spread the word and encourage colleagues to pre-register on the webpage. Under the hood many details are being worked on. Stay tuned for a refreshed and remodelled webpage with latest developments which will be available in the next 2-3 weeks.


The Congress will be hosted by the Apor Vilmos Catholic Collage in Vác, Hungary. Vác is a small historic town on the Danube, in the Danube Bend region. It is conveniently close to and well connected to Budapest (https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g1102816-Activities-Vac_Pest_County_Central_Hungary.html ). Vác is on the eastern bank of the Danube, at the beginning of the nearly 180 degrees bend which the river takes to break through between the Börzsöny and Pilis mountains. The c. 35000 town is famous for its well preserved baroque old-town, fantastic setting, and yet it is not flooded by tourists (yet). It is also the seat for one of the Hungarian catholic archbishops and a religious centre. Our host institution, the Catholic College is centrally located and very conveniently provides space for scientific events, as well as gives student accommodation and lunch possibility on site. Watch our teaser video compilation about the region and Vác: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7&v=JALaUOcdnbU


The logo depicts the uloborid spider Hyptiotes paradoxus as it waves its triangular orb on the Danube, with all threads meeting at Vác. (design: Éva Szita)


We have secured the whole capacity (two student residences) of the Apor Vilmos Catholic College and also a student residence of a nearby secondary school. They are typically multiple-bed rooms, which can be made into single bed accommodations as occupancy allows. We reached agreement with a number of private accommodations scattered in the town, which provide higher class alternatives, but are more limited in capacity. Those who wish to book such accommodation should closely follow their announcement (when booking will open), as they will be provided on a  first come – first served basis. Those looking for hotel accommodation will have to seek for themselves and are likely to find only outside the town.


Congress programme will follow the canonical route:

July   8 – Registration, welcome party
July   9 – Opening ceremony, scientific sessions
July 10 – Scientific sessions, Russian party
July 11 – Mid-congress excursion, BBQ in the dark forests of the Börzsöny mts
July 12 – Scientific sessions, congress dinner
July 13 – Scientific sessions, closing ceremony

Plenary talks

We are pleased to announce our plenary speakers, who will be:

Jason Dunlop – paleontology (Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin)

Rosa Fernández – phylogenomics (Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona)

Jutta Schneider – behavioural ecology (University of Hamburg)

Christian Wirkner – morphology (University of Rostock)


Still in the planning phase! We would like to offer three options for the  mid-congress tour:

  • Walking tour in the Börzsöny Mts. between Nagymaros and Zebegény with scenic views on the Danube Bend
  • Narrow-gauge railway ride to Királyrét and more leisurely excursion in the forests
  • Visit Visegrád castle and renaissance palace and surroundings on the other side of the Danube

All three tours meet up at Katalinpuszta forestry visitor centre for an evening BBQ/goulash.


The Congress will be organized jointly by the Hungarien Ecological Society, Centre for Agricultural Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Apor Vilmos Catholic College and the European Society of Arachnologists.

Organising Committee

Ferenc Samu (chair)

Csaba Szinetár (co-chair)

György Dudás

Róbert Gallé

László Mezőfi

Zsolt Szabó

Éva Szita

Tamás Szűts

Natalija Vukaljovic


We look forward to seeing you in Hungary!

Ferenc Samu

on behalf of the Organising Committee

2nd Circular

Dear Colleagues,

We have reached a next milestone in organising the 31st European Congress of Arachnology, to be held in Vác, Hungary , 8-13 July, 2018.

We are glad to announce that registration is now open on the Congress homepage: www.eca2018.hu.

All relevant information are now posted on the website, including fees of registration and other services. Student dormitory accommodation can be booked through the homepage, while we also list options for other accommodation types. Please study the offered programs and services and the detailed instructions of the registration procedure. The scientific program is anchored by exciting plenary talks, but it is still possible to offer symposia topics.

A reminder of important dates:

  • 31 March – Grant applications deadline;
    ESA membership fee payment deadline for discounts;
    Most non-dorm accommodations keep special congress-reservations until this date.
  • 15 April – Early bird registration deadline;
    Call for symposia deadline;
    On-venue dorm single occupancy decision date.
  • 15 May – Abstract submission deadline;
    Registration cancellation deadline.
  • 30 September – Proceedings manuscript submission deadline.

You can also follow events about the organization and the congress at our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ECA2018Hungary/ . Stay tuned for further developments concerning both scientific and additional programs and the opening of abstract submission.

We look forward to seeing you in Hungary!

Ferenc Samu

on behalf of the Organising Committee

3rd Circular


Dear Colleagues,

Some good news and updates about the 31st European Congress of Arachnology www.eca2018.hu
Vác, Hungary, 8-13 July, 2018.

For those who missed the EARLY BIRD deadline, we have set up SLEEPY BIRD DISCOUNTS until 20th May! This will make it possible to register at 40 EUR less in all categories, at almost the same price as early birds. Just enter the coupon code “sleepybird” when you view your shopping cart. It is not secret, share it!

To make the Congress accessible to even more young scientists, together with the British, German and American arachnological societies we were able to hand out 20 free registrations among those who applied for Congress Attendance Grant and associated grants by other societies. Every applicant will be e-mailed about further procedures.And remember, ESA also helps a great deal to keep members’ registration fees really low.

A symposium is offered to be organised by Yuri Marusik on the theme of “Spider distributions”. Details and an option to associate your presentation with this symposium will be soon available on the web site.

There is a change in the plenary talks. Jason Dunlop unfortunately cannot come. On the other hand, we are happy to announce that Pal Selden will give now a talk on the origin of spiders in the light of recent paleontological findings.

Single room decisions have been made for the on-venue dorm. Everyone, who applied for single occupancy until deadline could get it. However, this option is not available any more. In on-venue dorm only limited number of places are available, but in off-venue, we have more, and also there are still available places in “other accommodations”.

All tour descriptions have been thoroughly updated under http://www.eca2018.hu/additional. Those who have not selected from the mid-congress tours (included in registration), please do so – some tours may fill up sooner, it is first come, first served.

We offer two post-congress tours: “Nature in Budapest in one day” and “North Hungary select, Saturday -Monday”.  Schedule for accompanying persons program is posted in detail. Sleepy bird discounts apply to accompanying persons, as well. On the home page under each tour description we provide links for getting further information on places to be visited.

We have adjusted deadlines to the Sleepy bird end date, so abstract and the (almost) free cancellation deadlines now are 20th May.

We look forward to seeing you in Hungary!


Ferenc Samu

on behalf of the Organising Committee