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Student dormitory accommodation

The Catholic College has two student halls, each with several multiple-bed rooms. One of the dormitories is on-venue, the other is at 10-12 mins walking distance (see map). You can buy accommodation in these in the shop. When buying dorm accommodation the arrival date and number of nights spent has to given. When choosing from options in your cart, you will see that it is possible to arrive one day earlier (on Saturday) and stay one day longer (leave on Sunday). The minimum is 3 nights. To keep things tractable, please arrange your accommodation one-by-one from your individual profiles. If you pay by bank transfer, then although pro-forma invoices will be issued automatically by the system for each cart ordered, it is possible to transfer them jointly by listing order numbers in your transfer message. If asked for in time (even if you paid separately), you can also get a joint final invoice made out to your institution (contact us in accommodation matters at accomodation.eca2018@gmail.com). A summary of dormitory prices can be found here.

On-venue student dormitories

Located in a separate part of the main building, on three levels it has a total capacity of over 90 persons. Consists of units of two rooms sharing a common bathroom and a toilet. Most rooms have two beds, some three. Depending on demand and occupancy we are open to offer as many rooms as possible as single rooms at an additional fee. This can be opted for when shopping for them. The decision who can get a single room is planned for 15 April, and will be based on the time-stamp of your order. Those who opt for single occupancy still will be charged the ordinary price, and if they receive the room for they own, then the remainder fee will be payable on arrival. You can also name preferred room mates during the shopping process (please try to co-ordinate it among yourselves).

Off-venue dorm

The St. Josef Student Residence (Honvéd Str 13., Vác, see map) has over 50 places on two levels. It offers rooms with 2-3-4 beds. Toilet and bathroom facilities shared (on the corridor) per level. The building itself is quite pleasant with an inner courtyard. We offer these places as a budget accommodation, therefore we plan to fill up the rooms according to demand (we will try to do so sensibly). Most likely there will be a male and a female level.



Breakfast from Monday to Saturday, lunch on scientific program days will be provided in the canteen on the Venue. Wednesday boxed lunch is included in registration. You can buy meals by the piece in the shop  (maybe you stay shorter than the whole period). Except for breakfast you will find vegetarian options. If you are a vegetarian do not forget to mark this before checking out. We might be able to deal with two basic food intolerances and provide gluten and lactose free diet. You have to indicate this in the special note field. Breakfast will be buffet-type. Lunches will consist of a main dish, salad, fruit and cakes. You can choose (on the spot) from three dishes, one will be vegetarian of which a contingent is reserved for those who mark this option during shopping. A summary of food prices can be found here.

Other accommodations

Vác itself has no big hotels. We have secured a small hotel and several private B&B type rooms, apartments for congress participants across the town. These will by typically held until 31st March, specially reserved for ECA2018 participants.  You have to look up and book these under the links, e-mails provided in the list below. In some booking.com links the place might indicate occupation for the dates. That should be because of our reservation, still proceed on asking availability and booking via e-mail. When you contact your host, mention that you participate at the “spider congress”, many will know the “ECA2018” acronym. At some accommodation you will find our e-mail. In these cases we will mediate between you and your host because of the hosts’ language difficulties.

Accommodatione-mailinfo linkbreakfast included
Alt Tabán Pensionaltvendeghaz@invitel.huhttp://www.turizmusvac.hu/vaciszallas/18/Alt-Taban-Vendeghaz.html yes
Bellevue Guest Housebellevuevac@gmail.com https://www.bellevuevac.hu/ no
Camelot Hotelcamelot@dunaweb.hu http://www.camelothotel.hu/ yes
Csillag Pensioncsillagpanzio@vnet.huhttp://www.csillagpanzio.hu/ yes
Dombai Apartmentsaccomm.eca2018@gmail.com https://www.booking.com/hotel/hu/dombai-apartman.hu.html yes
DunapArt Apartmentsdunapartapartman@gmail.com https://www.booking.com/hotel/hu/dunapart-apartment.hu.htmlno
Fónagy & Walter Guest Housefonwal@freemail.hu https://www.booking.com/hotel/hu/fonagy-es-walter-vendeg-es-borhaz.hu.html yes
Kútvölgy Guest Housedrbj@dunaweb.hu https://www.booking.com/hotel/hu/kutvolgy-vendeghaz.hu.html ?
Napsugár Pensionaccomm.eca2018@gmail.com http://napsugarpanziovac.hu/home.htmlyes
Vadász Pensionvadaszvac@invitel.hu http://vadaszpanziovac.hu?
Vadászház Pensionaccomm.eca2018@gmail.com http://www.vadaszhazpanzio.hu/ no
Zeke Pensionjanosbonifert@gmail.com https://www.booking.com/hotel/hu/zeke-pension.hu.html on request
Rubra Art Longueszabo.eszter@rubra.hu http://www.eca2018.hu/rubra on request