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Congress participants are welcome to submit their oral or poster contribution to the Congress Proceedings. These will be published as an issue or a section of an issue of Arachnologische Mitteilungen during the following year (2019) and will be available online. When preparing the manuscript, please, follow the Guidelines for Authors of this journal (http://arages.de/files/InstrAuthor.pdf). Please, submit the manuscript to info.eca2018@gmail.com. Deadline for submission is November 30, 2018.

Talks and abstracts info

Oral presentations – To minimise parallel sessions the length of oral presentations is set to 15 minutes, which includes discussion. Projector and Windows computer will be available for the presentations, which can be in MS Power Point, PDF or Prezi executable. Please convert any other format to PDF. Double check embedded videos, but having seen many difficulties with these, bring videos in a couple of formats as standalone files, as well.

Depending on the number of talks, it may not be possible to accept all oral presentations, and some of them will have to be presented as posters. A scientific committee will evaluate all abstracts with respect to their general interest, novelty, and scientific quality. After this assessment, participants will be informed whether their presentations will be accepted as a talk or as a poster.

Posters – Poster stands are suitable for standard A0 (0.841 m ×  1.189 m, portrait format) posters, which is the recommended size (although they can accommodate a maximum size of  0.97 m × 2.3 m posters, which is clearly not recommended).

Abstract check tool

Click on “Abstract list” or the picture to check if your previously submitted abstract has indeed been received by us. Some particularly fineckey firewalls caused that in few instances submitted abstracts has not reached us. Therefore, we recommend to check that your abstract is on our list. Best be done after submission, allowing some time (minutes) for automatic refreshing of the list. If the submitted abstract is not there, then give it another try from a different local network, e.g. from home. If nothing works, then contact us on the science.eca2018@gmail.com e-mail, and you will be given an alternative tool for uploading.

Abstract list

Abstract submission

Submit the abstract of your planned presentation using the submission form below. On the form enter your login e-mail which was used to create xyour profile for this website. The abstract should be in English and include a summary of objectives, methodology, results and significance of research (main text max 2500 characters). Strictly adhere to formatting instructions given above the input fields. Participants are limited to a maximum of 1 oral and 2 poster presentations (reload page to submit more than one abstract). Acceptance of the abstract will be made by the Scientific Committe. The Comittee may divert oral presentation to be a poster or may entirely reject an abstract. Correspondance regarding sicentific and presentation matters should be made to science.eca2018@gmail.com. USE THE FORM, DO NOT E-MAIL ABSTRACTS. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 31th MAY.